Southampton Mela Festival brings the joy of Asia including that of the Indian subcontinent and the modern variations alongside the enthusiasm from the host country and other participants from around the globe.

Every summer, this entrance-free festival attempts to promote existing and emerging talents in art, music, dance and being together in the increasingly multicultural South East England. Art Asia organizes Southampton Mela Festival every year. The prime objective of this organization is to promote engaging South Asian art in the region.

Southampton Mela Festival

One of the organizer claims that it is the largest free festival in Southampton. In a year, some 25 to 30+ thousand visitors attend the one-day mela. The food, colours, Indian costumes, music and everything in the mela adds to the ‘good vibes’ to the attendees.

The culture that the organizers talk about is all about the different music tastes, gastronomies, and preferences of art come together and celebrate the diversity. The Mela also features free workshops for interested learners. Though the Southampton Mela Festival seem to aim celebrating Indian cultural roots, the pragmatic side is little different. The music, costumes, participants, forms of arts and creative activities have been accommodating various cultural forms from around the world.

The festival is generally supported by the entire city- residents, organizations and the universities as well. Having a legacy of celebrating 40 years of diversity and cultural roots, Art Asia is committed to make the festivals of the years to come exemplary not only across the South England, but also throughout the Europe.

Southampton Mela Festival 2022

The famed Mela Festival in Southampton was organized on 16th July 2022 at Hoglands Park (12 noon – 9 pm). This was the first Southampton Mela Festival after COVID19 pandemic hit since the late 2019.