Heart attack risk

Scientists found that Asian women and their children are at 80% higher risk of cardiac arrest.

Earlier research suggests that men and women who migrate from the sub-continent to Scotland are more susceptible because of a marked change in lifestyle.

Woman strips in dowry row

The Hindu woman shocked residents of the city by her half-naked parade through the street.

The 22-year-old tried to set herself on fire a few days ago demanding the police take action against her husband and in-laws, who she alleged had been physically torturing her for a dowry.

‘Shots fired’ at Musharraf

Pakistani police have sealed off a house amid reports to shoot down Pervez Musharraf’s plane.
The incident comes amid anger among many in Pakistan at Gen Musharraf’s decision to take on Islamic radicals at the Red Mosque in Islamabad.

Indian stocks jump to record high

Sensex, has burst through the 15,000 mark, surging to a record economic growth and profits.
Underpinning the stock market has been foreign demand for Indian shares, as investors try to tap into one of the world’s best-performing economy.

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